Your friendly neighbourhood SpiderTian

About Me

My name's Tian Zhao and I’m a young professional with a background in industrial/systems/human-factors engineering from the University of Toronto who's deeply and widely passionate about solving problems in a scalable, sustainable, and systematic manner.

I care deeply & widely about working on projects that are:

  • highly-technical, industry-scale, and enterprise-level
  • multidimensional, multifaceted, multi-disciplined, interconnected, interlaced, and intermingled
  • design-driven, exponential-in-nature, and systemically-impactful

My Accomplishments

  • Presented at the Creative Destruction Lab & CryptoCamp about distributed computing & digital product design (UX/UI/IX)
  • Founded a student-led choir of about 30 members at the University of Toronto called Tales of Harmonia- 1 of 36 finalists of the prestigious Next 36 youth entrepreneurship initiative run by Next Canada
  • Claimed the BMW Motorrad sponsor prize at Major League Hacking's season finale hackathon (Hack the Planet in Mountain View, California)

My Experience

I've had the fortune of working extensively and intensively within the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, such as Communitech, DMZ, and the MaRS Centre. I'm also an active member of a venture. capital fund community that spans 2 organizations: the Thiel Foundation and the 1517 Fund.

Over the years, I've spent my time designing various digital products, from digital agencies to startup studios, from dev-shops to tech startups, and from conducting design sprints to pro-bono design work. From local to global, I've worked purposefully throughout and about. 

My Impact

  • 20 clients served & 30+ products delivered
  • 5 roles held & 36K+ users serviced
  • 6 countries worked in & 15+ industries touched
  • 8 careers accelerated & $4M+ business generated

Founded a student-led choir of about 30 members at the University of Toronto called Tales of Harmonia

1 of 36 finalists of the prestigious 

Next 36 youth entrepreneurship initiative run by Next Canada

The Computing Trinity

They call it the following:

  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Industry 4.0
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Exponential Technologies
  • Age of Intelligence

But I call it "The Computing Trinity" - the 3 core forms of computing that have not only emerged but now forge the next evolutionary step of our entire human civilization.

These 3 are known as the following:

  • Cognitive Computing (bottom-left) = Artificial Intelligence et al
  • Connected Computing (bottom-right) = Internet of Things et al
  • Distributed Computing (top-center) = Boockchain et al

I'm in particular passionate about the realm of Distributed Computing, otherwise known as the Web 3.0. I've personally been designing in this space ever since 2015 and have written as well as given talks about it.

Here's a tale all about how and why I got into the Distributed Computing space as a digital product designer.

Here's a dissertation all about my thoughts on the world of Product Strategy and Distributed Computing.

Here's a case-study all about my work as a digital product designer with a Distributed Computing legal-tech startup called Kleros.

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